We are Chattanooga's premier training studio; featuring a clean facility and superior customer service, where your goals matter. FIT LIFEstyle is Functional Intensity Training, where DOing life RIGHT allows you to live with no regrets, grow, and build a strong tomorrow.

Personal Training Packages

Personalized training 1 on 1. Consult is FREE, and training is priced per person with a focus on your goals. If you're needing - increased focus/mind set, motivation, specific nutrition plans, lifestyle coaching, strength gains, toning, body building/muscle specific training, stage presentation training for competition - this plan will guide you to your goals faster.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Everyone has unique needs, goals and dreams. Meet today for a plan to be on your way to improved health, less pain, weight loss/gain, improved motivation and self awareness. Personalized programs - see trainer for pricing.

Specialized Athlete Training

Athlete specific training - sports teams or individual. With improved strength, speed, body awareness, agility, flexibility and the right mind set, you can get to the next level.

FIT LIFEstyle Group Classes

ALL memberships include personal training. Personal accountability is key to long term change. This will help you stay on track and accountable to your commitment to your NEW LIFEstyle.

DEKA Group Training Classes

FIT LIFEstyle is a DEKA affliated gym. DEKA Group Training memberships are available to FIT LIFEstyle members and nonmembers.

RAM FIT Training Classes

RAM FIT total body workouts allow you to get a quick 30 minutes in or stay longer for up to 90 minutes. Your gym, your workouts! Total body, Spartan Ram, dumbells, core, cardio, abs, form and strength training.